Declan (BMus) is a highly accomplished vocalist with many years of performing, recording, and teaching experience. He was appointed as vocal coach at Sono Music Springfield in 2018.


Why have you committed to a career in music coaching?

I want to coach people to see them do great things. It makes me so incredibly happy to impart my knowledge and experience onto others. Helping people to improve their vocal abilities and develop as musicians is amazingly fulfilling and uplifting to me.


What is your main aim when working with clients?

First and foremost, my job is to teach people that if you have a voice, you can sing. I am here to show people that learning to harness and control their natural ability to vocalise takes time, and without proper guidance, there are pitfalls that may lead to bad habits. Without proper coaching, singers may never fully realise the versatility, power and potential of their voices. 

As a voice coach, I teach our clients the best techniques and skills to help them master their vocal abilities. I adapt to each client and customize their programme. I can help them focus on the areas that count, and keeping those lessons to a regular schedule ensures they improve much faster by developing a routine. I give constructive feedback in a judgment-free space, which encourages people to sing from the soul. 

I love that every voice is different. I firmly believe that singing is one of the most incredible and transcendent things we as humans can do, and coaching people to improve that ability makes me so happy. Just keep singing!


What do you love most about your role at Sono?

The “Eureka” moments. When I’ve been going over a technique or concept with a client and it just suddenly clicks. I love connecting with people, and when they take my constructive feedback and advice on board, it makes my day every time. 


Do you play any additional instruments?

I play bass and some piano.


Do you perform regularly?

I gig regularly around Brisbane with my band. We’re called “Inovo”, and we play Progressive and Alternative Rock.


What are your favourite styles of music?

Progressive Rock and Delta Style Blues are my favourite genres. My favourite artists, in no particular order, are Tesseract, Porcupine Tree, Tom Waits, Thrice, Devin Townsend, The Ocean Collective, Tool, and Karnivool.


Client Testimonials


I’ve been attending weekly singing lessons with Declan for a month now and I have already seen so much improvement in my singing and my confidence! Declan is a really attentive and encouraging vocal coach and he pushes me in a positive and supportive way to improve my skills. I look forward to my lessons each week and I’m always given so much to work on! Sono are really easy to work with and do their best to fit in around shift work as well. Thanks! – Brittany Smith

I have been going here for a while now and I am really enjoying my time. I’ve been doing vocal lessons with Declan and might I say, he is an amazing teacher. I’ve become more confident in my voice and gradually strengthening it. The lessons are very fun and I feel progress every week. I would DEFINITELY recommend Sono Music to anyone. – Sonny Eichler

“Great music school! Very helpful and educative! Teachers know what they are talking about and are very passionate! I love going here once a week and I am making great progress on my singing!! So many possibilities for you at this school.. attend choirs or an assembly.. or just sing as a hobby!” – Michelle Tonnaer

“I am having a great experience here. My coach is Declan and he is amazing! He not only teaches the technique. He goes into all the details and explains all the reasons behind it. Which helps as a learner to grasp it immediately and put it into practical and experiment with it. I started my lessons here may be 3 months ago. Yet I have learnt so many techniques/elements and how to use them from him even though I have been singing for many years. I am getting so many positive feedback when I sing with his methods and techniques in mind. The best part is, it is getting easier and closer to find my vocal identity, which I have been struggling for ages. I couldn’t be any happier!!! :)” – Mithila W