KAILAN joined the Sono team at the beginning of 2014, committing to a career in music coaching to help others to achieve their musical goals and to show that learning a musical instrument can be enjoyable and rewarding.

“As well as helping our clients to achieve all their music goals, my main objective is to promote a love for the craft.”

Drawing inspiration from his all­ time favourite artists including Muse, Karnivool, Bill Evans, and of course… the immortal John Williams… Kailan enjoys playing styles ranging from Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop and Metal.

While a piano specialist, Kailan is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist, regularly performing on guitar, bass and vocals with his Reggae band, The Rocket Sox.

“I love seeing our clients absolutely nailing it, whether it’s during a performance or in the practice room. Knowing I helped them get there is a great feeling.”


“It has been a few years since my last piano lessons (with a different teacher/ school) but taking up lessons with Kailan at Sono Music has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my music. I have found a new passion for my music and am driven to work harder than I ever have before. It is the first time I have felt confident to book a practical exam! The lessons are constructive and shaped to ensure the greatest improvement in my playing with each week a little different depending on what I most need as well as what I would like to focus on. I would highly recommend Sono and its teachers to anyone!”  – Olivia F