KATIE joined the Sono Team in early 2014 as a voice and piano coach.  She also handles all of the day to day admin.  A very busy person!


Who are some of your major influences?

I love to listen to a wide variety of music genres, however I mostly listen to popular songs played on the radio as well as musical numbers from my favourite musicals. My major influences are unique singers with much vocal flexibility and a wide vocal range. Artists such as Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Cyndi Lauper and Sia are only some of my favourite singers/performers.

What do you love about your job?

I have the opportunity to meet lots of new people, and I think it’s interesting too to hear all different kinds of voices. As a coach, I am able to hear where people draw their inspiration from by hearing their voice. It’s interesting for me to see all kinds of ways people interpret singing. I also find I learn something new all the time.  I absolutely love to see our smiling clients learn something new or recognise improvement in themselves. As a coach, this is my goal with each individual as I consider it important for them to know they’re progressing and developing their voice.

What is your main aim when working with clients?

I aim for our clients to recognise their improvement so they know they are achieving well.  I open their eyes to a lot of new information and, as a perfectionist, I make sure they have a full understanding of everything they need to know to progress further.

Why have you committed to a career in music coaching?

During my singing career I received a lot of vocal coaching and became fascinated about how to use my voice.  I decided I wanted a career that would allow me to share my knowledge with others who are interested to learn all about it too. I have become so attached to my job and love to see the continual improvement in our clients.  It’s just so rewarding!