Liam, Drum Coach @ Sono Music


Liam joined the Sono Music family in 2017 with a strong track record of helping his students achieve their goals.  While drum kit is his primary instrument, he’s a bit of a sneaky all-rounder, being competent in piano, guitar and bass.  Liam has performed with Queensland Music Festival’s production Under This Sky in 2015, and has been involved in The Big Eagle Jazz Band, and the Sparrowheads. Liam also enjoys playing rock, pop, blues, folk, and musical theatre, lending his services to many projects in these genres.


Who are some of your major influences?

Neil Finn, Tim Finn, The Beatles, The Wiggles, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Sting and the Police, Paul Simon, Cirque Du Soleil.


What do you love most about your role at Sono?

It’s always great to meet people who are interested in drums and percussion, let alone music, as automatically you have something in common. I coach school students through to mature individuals, so seeing a wide client demographic come in to learn the drums is always exiting.

Everyone has their own unique and personal goal they wish to achieve with the instrument, from a recreational hobby, to a way to connect with life in other unique ways, to a future career.

The people I meet range in experience with drums from newbie to groovy (fairly experienced), however they all come in and are able to develop skills, confidence and musicianship in the instrument.


What is your main aim when working with clients?

I strive to promote the importance of music education and the necessity of the performing arts in everyday life. I also believe playing drums is very therapeutic in terms of being a physical activity, and it allows one to express creativity and freedom.


Why have you committed to a career in music coaching?

I always enjoy watching people pick up or play an instrument for the first time. From the joy in their eyes when they play their first note, all the way to watching them grow into confident musicians, it’s wonderful to observe and facilitate the musicians of the future.