Play In A Band

At Sono School Of Music you will have the opportunity to join a band and receive coached band lessons in our band room.  We have many great people learning at Sono, and we can match you based on age and musical interests.


PRE REGISTER NOW!  We can start you off as soon as possible.

Questions?  Refer to FAQs below.

PLEASE NOTE THIS PROGRAM IS AN ADD-ON SERVICE AVAILABLE ONLY TO EXISTING CLIENTS HAVING INSTRUMENTAL LESSONS. This form is to indicate your intent to join a band to attend coached band sessions. We need this information so that we can match you up with some people we believe you will work well with. Our ability to offer you this opportunity is subject to interest from others to make up your band. We will advise at the earliest opportunity when we can proceed.
  • INITIALLY WE ARE AIMING TO HOLD SESSIONS ON SATURDAYS. Please be specific, ie. days and times. If your availability is highly limited it is unlikely we will be able to place you.

"Play In A Band" program FAQs

How long are the sessions?

The sessions are 1 hour each week.  

When are the sessions?

This is the hard part. Initially we are aiming to have sessions on Saturdays.  We need to look at the availability of other prospective band members.  

Sessions will be held during weeks of the QLD public school term.  You will be provided with specific dates.

How much will it cost?  

Sessions are $27.50 inc GST, payable for the "term" upfront.  If you start mid term, you will be invoiced for the number of sessions remaining in that term.

What if I can't make a session?

The nature of the program and the fees mean that in order to maintain your place in the band you must pay for sessions whether to attend or not, on a per term basis.  There is no option to receive alternative services should you miss a session, regardless of reason.  

Please consider your commitment carefully.  If you decide to withdraw from the program, it will adversely affect your band mates.


Always wanted to play in a band? We can introduce you to other people learning just like you. Play with others is so much fun!