Service Agreement

Service Agreement

1.  There is no required minimum commitment period for services.  Programme subscriptions are for a weekly appointment reservation, and are considered ongoing until cancelled.

2. i)  Programme subscriptions may be cancelled at the client’s request by notifying the Sono School Of Music administration via email with 2 weeks notice.

ii)  The client agrees to pay for any fees that may be owing at the time of their programme cancellation.

iii)  Any remaining make up lessons at the time of programme cancellation will expire 14 days after the programme subscription end date. Make up lessons are not refundable.

iv)  If the client cancels their programme subscription we cannot guarantee the same appointment time or programme place will be available to them in the future.

v)  Programme subscriptions may be cancelled by Sono School Of Music if we wish to discontinue offering service to the client for any reason.

3.  Sono School of Music may “pause” a programme subscription where the client wishes to take leave of 2 or more consecutive weeks. The client is required to submit the “Notice of Leave” form ( with 7 days notice in this case. Where this form is received, Sono School Of Music will:

i) retain the client’s make up lessons,

ii) pause/delete the Direct Debit payments for the period such that lesson credits do not accrue; and

iii) hold the client’s weekly appointment reservation where leave time is deemed reasonable. (guaranteed maximum 4 weeks at a time)

iv) the client agrees to maintain a minimum attendance rate of 85%. If attendance is below this, Sono School Of Music reserves the right to release the client’s appointment reservation. Therefore, leave should be taken with discretion.

4. i) Fees are non refundable, except in the case of appointment reservations falling on studio closure dates and whereby that appointment cannot be rescheduled; or when Sono School Of Music needs to cancel the client’s regular appointment and that appointment cannot be rescheduled.

ii) Make up lessons cannot be used if the client is inactive: ie, on leave, or in arrears for fees.

iii) Make Up lessons are non refundable.  Clients pay for a recurring appointment reservation, not on a per lesson basis.

iv) Make up lessons may not be substituted for future payments or used to attend the regular appointment reservation in lieu of payment. (this is a refund)

5. Occasionally, due to staff leave or unavailability, Sono School Of Music may arrange for a member of staff who is not your regular teacher to conduct an appointment. We will as a courtesy attempt to notify the client in these cases, if possible.

6. Fees are subject to change. Notice will be provided to clients in all cases prior to fee changes.  Fees generally increase by small margins annually, in keeping with CPI.

7.  If the client falls 1 lesson in arrears due to default payment, no further lessons will be granted until payment is resolved and fees owing are paid.

8.  Sono School Of Music reserves the unrestricted right to copy, publish and use media from Sono School Of Music related events for promotional and commercial purposes.

9.  This “Service Agreement” incorporates the “Lesson Policy

10. Reference to clients in this agreement includes the parents or guardians of under aged members.

11.  Sono School Of Music may amend this Service Agreement from time to time.


Sono School Of Music “Service Agreement”