Introducing Andreis, an accomplished and passionate piano coach with an impressive array of musical qualifications and achievements.  When just 14 years old, Andreis ignited his musical journey by achieving his AMusA (Associate) in Piano Performance, setting the stage for a remarkable musical adventure. With a string of successes in piano competitions, including three 1st place wins in the QMTA QLD piano competition, Andreis has proven his mettle as a top-notch pianist. Under the guidance of Dr. Mark Griffiths for nine years and Natasha Vlassenko for three years through the Young Conservatorium piano program, Andreis has honed his performance skills to an extremely high level. Last year, his exceptional talent was recognized with the prestigious Emily Reinhardt Piano Scholarship from Griffith University.

Currently pursuing Advanced Business at UQ with an additional Concurrent Diploma in Music Performance, Andreis strikes a thrilling balance between the world of commerce and the realm of music.

With a foundation primarily in the classical piano scene, Andreis draws inspiration from illustrious composers like Chopin and Beethoven, relishing the technical complexity of their compositions. Yet, he embraces the thrill of exploring compositions from diverse musical eras, cherishing the value of a varied repertoire that enriches his musical horizons.

As a fervent performer, Andreis dedicates substantial time to practice and preparation for concert performances, competitions, and exhilarating collaborations with fellow musicians. At Sono Music, Andreis finds profound fulfilment in coaching a diverse clientele at various stages of their musical development. The learning environment at SONO, complete with top-quality studios and a supportive team of teachers, ignites his passion to empower his students' musical journeys.

Choosing a career in music education allows Andreis to apply his acquired skills and knowledge, bringing joy and growth to his students' musical odysseys. For him, music education is not merely a profession but a rewarding means to share his passion, inspiring his students to flourish as musicians. Andreis' personal mission as a music coach is to ignite his students' passion for music while fostering their musical knowledge, creativity, piano skills, and technique. His teaching approach resonates harmoniously, blending patience, adaptability, and encouragement to nurture the development of thriving musicians.