Developing Hand Independence For Piano

Hand independence is one of the biggest struggles that comes with learning piano. As the right hand and left hand are doing pretty much the same thing; pressing keys down, no matter what the rhythm or notes are, it is … Read more

Vocal Techniques For Singing Rock

Male rock vocalist sings on stage

Rock Singing Techniques Let There Be Rock Singers! Here’s how to nail that rock sound you’ve been after. Learning rock singing techniques is a fun challenge. It takes a lot of practice and performing to cultivate. If you want a … Read more

Quick Tips for Music Exam Success

music theory classes in Brisbane

Exam time is stressful for a lot of people, but it doesn’t need to be. Being relaxed and applying the proper mindset is key to succeeding in your instrumental exams. Many people achieve worse results than expected simply due to … Read more

How To Sing Pop

Female pop music artist wearing a pink wig and bright clothes sings.

How To Sing Pop There’s no denying that pop music brought us the greats; Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson to our beloved Spice Girls and who could forget our royal pop princess Britney. How do they do it? Firstly, there … Read more

Singing Posture and Balance

Female vocalist sings in front of a crowd at a music festival with average posture.

Singing Posture and Balance As vocalists, we spend a lot of time in the practice room, finely tuning the various skills and techniques of singing. Studies show musicians tend to measure their worth through the success of performances, the arena … Read more

Looking After Your Voice

Female vocalist sings with band.

Looking After Your Voice Keep your voice in shape. Here’s how. So you’re a fully trained singer, you know how to warm up your voice before a rehearsal or a show and how to belt out those high notes. Although … Read more