Current Employment Opportunities, updated June 1, 2022

We’re Hiring!

Current positions available: 3   

We have vacancies for a vocal coach, a piano teacher, and a drum set teacher.


We currently seek enthusiastic and dedicated people to join the Sono family. If you have a strong desire to share your knowledge of music and believe you meet our requirements, we’d love to hear from you!

For the right candidate, this job will be a fantastic opportunity. You will work closely with the Sono Team, learn something new each day, and perform work that impacts the lives of our many clients and the wider community.

The ideal applicant will be eager to work 4-5 days a week, including Saturdays, however we will consider strong applications from candidates seeking less hours.

Negotiable start dates, but we are ready to get going as soon as possible!

If you’d like any further information please contact us on 3878 7974.


Benefits of This Role


This is a hands-on role. You will need to hustle and work hard. If you’re up for that, there are a lot of benefits.

  1. You will perform work that matters. Sono was founded on the philosophy that anyone can learn to play music.  We are an all inclusive facility for people to develop their musicianship regardless of age, ability or ambition.  Your work will influence the lives of many people. You will have a duty to promote positive, evidence based information about developing musicianship in the hope of bettering peoples’ chances of sticking with an instrument throughout life.
  2. You will learn constantly. This is a job that will force you to grow. You’ll learn something new and be challenged pretty much every day. It is our goal for you to be better at the end of each year than you were at the beginning of it.
  3. You will become a better musician.  Our team members help each other, interact, play together, and learn from each other.  You will have at your disposal our fantastic coaches across a range of instruments!
  4. You will be well paid. Your compensation will be competitive. It is important that you are well compensated and that this job moves you in the direction that you want your life and career to be going. 

Requirements For This Position


We’re very open to hiring candidates with different backgrounds, experiences, and skills. However, there are a few non-negotiable traits that any successful candidate will possess:

  1. Your default setting is to be proactive not reactive. You ask questions rather than letting topics go undiscussed. You take ownership of problems and develop solutions without being asked. To do this job well, you need to be eager to take action and have a history of getting things done.
  2. You have fantastic interpersonal and communication skills. This job will require you to be a highly astute communicator.  You must be able to listen.  You must be able to speak clearly and purposefully.  You must be able to make people feel comfortable with giving you honest feedback and encourage open communication.
  3. You are punctual.  It goes without saying, however many people struggle to get to work on time!
  4. You are very comfortable with technology. Nearly everything we use or create requires some type of software program. You don’t need to be a programmer, but you do need to have fluency with technology and feel comfortable with using technology.
  5. You bring energy into the room rather than take energy out of it. Great teams cannot thrive when people act selfishly, lack ambition, or otherwise row in the opposite direction as the rest of the boat. We’re looking for someone who is fully “on board” with our mission, brings great energy and enthusiasm each day, and has a genuine desire to help others and be part of a team working towards a common goal.
  6. You constantly seek to improve yourself. You will have an open mind and always be looking for ways to do things better.  You will accept and act upon advice.  You will maintain regular, formal music lessons as you are committed to continually improving your musicianship.  You practice what you preach.
  7. You are committed to a career as a music coach.  We only seek people who know this is what they want to do.  This isn’t just a job.
  8. You will be able to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and skill with your instrument. Music degrees are great, but not required. 

Duties will include:

  • private music tutoring
  • preparing some clients for AMEB examinations
  • conducting workshops
  • developing tutoring materials
  • participating in staff training and development
  • commitment to ongoing musical development and self improvement
  • maintaining studio to present at the highest standard
  • assisting and performing at concerts and events




Please submit your resume with your Letter Of Application to The Director, Mr John Freiberg. Applications should be tailored to this position and detail your suitability for the role by specifically addressing the “Requirements for This Position” above.  Addressing the Benefits Of The Role is also encouraged.