Overcoming Performance Anxiety

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Overcoming Performance Anxiety With the Sono School of Music Concert coming up in December, I am writing this article to shed some light on the topic of performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is something that I have been personally affected by in the past, and is now something that I can effectively manage and use to […]

A Dummies Guide to Belting

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A Dummies Guide to Belting So before we talk about how to belt, we are going to do the how to not ever, ever, ever belt. Seriously, I have seen it so many times, people pushing out notes that their vocal chords aren’t used to; straining, cracking, breaking. It’s horrible – beyond horrible – and I […]

Quick Tips for Music Exam Success

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  Exam time is stressful for a lot of people, but it doesn’t need to be. Being relaxed and applying the proper mindset is key to succeeding in your instrumental exams. Many people achieve worse results than expected simply due to poor preparation or nerves on the day of the exam. Everybody wants their hard […]

How To Overcome Performance Nerves

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How To Overcome Performance Nerves by Kailan O’Dell, piano teacher at Sono School Of Music   Dealing with nerves before a lesson or performance. Do you have a feeling of anxiety before your lessons, or suffer from stage fright before a concert or performance? Don’t worry, that just means you’re human. “Nerves” are probably the […]