Introducing Aidan

Aidan piano teacher black and white headshot


Aidan joined the Sono team in 2022, bringing with him a wealth of practical know-how. He is an extremely talented young player with over seven years of performing in stage bands and small jazz ensembles. He is currently studying at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, majoring in Jazz performance.


Why have you chosen to pursue a career in music education?

I have always wanted to wake up and work at a job that I love. I have chosen a pathway into music education because it combines my passion for teaching and for music.

What do you love most about your role at Sono?

What I love most about my role is that I am in a position to meet new people and teach them about something that has already brought so much joy into my life. I hope that music can have a positive effect on my clients and become a lifelong passion for them.

What is your main aim when working with clients?

My mission as a teacher is to create an open environment to develop good communication between myself and parents and clients. I also ensure my clients are happy and satisfied with their lessons. I believe music should be enjoyed. With each client I strive for consistent improvement, increased confidence and a growing knowledge of music.

Do you play any additional instruments?

I sing and play both the alto and tenor saxophone.

Do you perform regularly?

I am in a band called Colleen Ave, there are four of us and we play and write music mostly in the Indie Rock genre.

What are your favourite styles of music/influences?

My favourite styles of music are jazz, blues and indie. This is because I love the complex chord progressions and freedom to improvise. I draw inspiration from jazz pianists such as Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson due to their innovation and the way they create so much meaning in their playing. My favourite bands are Sticky Fingers and Ocean Alley due to their diverse discography and creativity.

Introducing Yuma

Yuma Piano teacher black and white headshot


Yuma (Diploma of Music Performance, Diploma of Teaching) is a highly accomplished pianist with several years of performing and teaching experience. He is currently working towards obtaining the prestigious Trinity College London Licentiate (LTCL) in piano performance.

Why have you chosen to pursue a career in music education?

Music is my absolute passion, and has given me a life-lasting expression. Playing a song and really getting your soul into it is a truly amazing experience. Whether it is travelling to the sand dunes with Tchaikovsky’s Arabesques, or walking downtown in 1920s New York with one of Gershwin’s Rhapsodies, music can take you anywhere. I am a compassionate and caring person. In my family, I always loved looking after my little sister (even when she was a screaming terror!), so patience is definitely a core quality of mine. What I love about teaching is giving people the ability to make music. I think the best gift for anybody is the ability to express themselves with music. When I see a student enjoying playing music, I think to myself, ”another person in the world who has found their passion for music.”

What do you love most about your role at Sono?

I love my role as a piano teacher, and being a team player I am so pleased to be part of the awesome group of people at Sono. Good music is what I strive for. Creating good music takes patience and hard work, however my methodology involves fostering the student’s passion, not constraining it. I purely want what the student wants, whether that is playing for music examinations, leisure or playing piano in a band! As mentioned before, good music takes patience and hard work. What I strive for is making the process of practice a pleasurable experience. Unfortunately in life, you have to endure the hard to get to the easy. I aim to make this process meaningful, and most importantly, fun!

Do you play any additional instruments?

During high school, I played the cornet at my local brass band and the french horn in the school orchestra. Playing brass was a great experience!

Do you perform regularly?

I enjoy busking with my portable piano around the CBD, so you might see me around!

Who are your main musical influences?

My main influences are my classical roots. My favourite composers are Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms (the three B’s!). My favourite modern time composer is the music of Joe Hisaishi.