Piano Recital

Learn piano under expert guidance. Play on top quality pianos in a professional studio environment.

Register to perform at the Sono Music Winter 2024 Piano Recital. EVENT DETAILS When: Sunday June 9th from 10:00amWhere: Voices of Birralee, 57 Carwoola St, BARDON IMPORTANT INFORMATION Program and Tickets SESSION LIST/PROGRAMME HERE TBA TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE TBA

Piano Recital Registration

Register to perform at the Sono Music Autumn 2024 Piano Recital. When: Sunday March 17th from 10am Where: Voices of Birralee, 57 Carwoola St BARDON IMPORTANT INFORMATION The event is only open to current clients of Sono Music who are … Read more

Developing Hand Independence For Piano

Hand independence is one of the biggest struggles that comes with learning piano. As the right hand and left hand are doing pretty much the same thing; pressing keys down, no matter what the rhythm or notes are, it is … Read more

Piano For Singers

by Joshua, Voice Coach at Sono There are often multiple debates surrounding the relationship between piano and singing. The central, most discussed argument is ‘do singers needs to learn piano as well?’. There is a general consensus that ‘yes’, singers … Read more

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Piano Lessons?

Taking piano lessons is an obvious way of improving your skill level on the piano.  However, you may not be getting as much out of your piano lessons as you possibly could be.  There are some simple things you can … Read more

Why You Will Benefit From Regular Piano Lessons

Why You Should Have Regular Piano Lessons At Sono, we recommend that lessons should be attended on a weekly or twice weekly basis in order to get the most out of them. We do not do “casual” lessons as they … Read more

A Brief History Of The Piano

different types of piano through the ages

A Brief History of the Piano by Kailan O’Dell, Piano Coach at Sono School Of Music If you are like many piano players, you might not have given too much thought to the evolution of the piano itself.  The piano is … Read more

You Are Never Too Old To Learn Piano

Am I Too Old To Learn Piano?

You Are Never Too Old To Learn Piano! by Kailan O’Dell, Sono School of Music   “Am I too old to learn piano?”  We have found this to be a common question among many adults wishing to take their first steps … Read more

Acoustic Piano Vs Digital Piano. Which should I buy?

piano lessons for beginners and adults

Acoustic Piano Vs Digital Piano.  Which should I buy?  By Kailan O’Dell, Sono School Of Music This is a topic that has seen frequent debate, and this article will help you make an informed decision as to which type of piano … Read more