Piano Recital Registration

Register to perform at the Sono Music Autumn 2023 Piano Recital. When: Sunday April 30th from 1pm Where: Stuartholme School Performance Theatre, 365 Birdwood Tce TOOWONG If you wish to perform you must register by submitting the form below. The … Read more

Why Your Child WIll Benefit From Music Lessons

piano lessons for children

As a parent you may have heard the claim that playing an instrument makes your child smarter, but why is that? What tangible benefits does playing music have on a child’s development? Let’s go over some of the numerous benefits … Read more

Singing Mythbusters! Fact or Fiction

Lead male vocalist

Singing Mythbusters! Fact or Fiction   Only Opera Singers Need to Breathe from Their Diaphragm Fiction. Humans are lazy, we can’t even be bothered taking a proper deep breath. Using the diaphragm in our singing is essential! It ensures that … Read more

Film Music

A score lays on piano keys.

Film Music Everybody loves listening to their favourite bands or artists, or going to concerts and sharing their favourite songs with friends. But music can also have some more subtle, practical uses, especially in the world of film and TV. … Read more

A Guide to Music Streaming


A Guide to Music Streaming Technology is rapidly advancing. Now, more than ever, we have a wealth of musical gadgets and services. No longer do you have to listen to the same CDs or sit through the same Top 40s … Read more