Singing Mythbusters! Fact or Fiction

Singing Mythbusters! Fact or Fiction

 Lead male vocalist

Only Opera Singers Need to Breathe from Their Diaphragm

Fiction. Humans are lazy, we can’t even be bothered taking a proper deep breath. Using the diaphragm in our singing is essential! It ensures that we project clearly, it helps to support our voice, to sustain notes and it allows us to use proper technique to sing. Try breathing deeply, don’t allow your shoulders to lift, but ensure that your stomach rises. To make sure you are breathing from the right place, lie on the ground and put some heavy books or a laptop on your belly and feel it rise as you breathe.


You Have to Be Born with Natural Talent to Sing

Fiction! Everyone thinks you have to pop out of the womb with a magical voice but no, that’s rarely the case. Most professional singers have been trained, and I certainly have great singers that have started out a little rough. We teach you how to sing properly, how to use your voice correctly, how to sing in tune and loads more!!! It’s not about being born with natural talent, it’s about working hard to be able to control your voice. Yes it’s harder for some but it’s not impossible. You can do it!  


You Have to Have the Genetics to Hit a Certain Range

Fact & Fiction! Yes we are born with our different voices and ranges but with regular practice, warming up and training, you can extend your range. You will definitely be able to hit higher/lower notes than you can usually with regular training.


It’s Too Late to Learn

Fiction, fiction and more fiction! Absolute rubbish that one is, here’s why: stop making excuses! If you want to do something, then just roll up your sleeves and do it. There is no expiration date on your singing voice – yes your voice changes but that doesn’t mean you can’t sing. It’s never too late to learn how to use your voice and you can’t accomplish anything if you don’t try. So get started now!


If You Can’t Sing in Tune, You Must Be Tone Deaf

Fiction, most likely. Only 4% of the population are actually tone-deaf so I highly doubt you are. If anything it’s just poor pitch, which doesn’t come from hearing the wrong note but producing the wrong one. With vocal lessons that pitch improves in no time with scales and technical work.


It Takes Years of Hard Work and Practice to Control Your Voice

Fiction. Whilst it does take years to learn how to become a professional singer, it doesn’t take much time to learn how to control your voice. Even if you’re more interested in being a good public speaker, getting better diction and articulation, vocal lessons are for you.


You Can Get Vocal Nodes from Belting

Fiction. Nodes are caused over time by sustained abuse of the vocal chords – this occurs through bad singing technique. They start as soft, swollen spots and then after more vocal abuse turn harder and more calloused. With correct technique, you should never develop vocal nodes.