Get a Grip! Matched Grip Under The Microscope

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Get a Grip! Matched Grip Under The Microscope It is imperative that all drummers have a solid understanding of basic drum stick techniques and principles, so let’s take a closer look at matched grip and what it means for drummers.   First things first… Improper grip technique can lead to pain, muscle tension and of […]

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Glossary Of Vocal Terminology

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Glossary Of Vocal Terminology   Register  A range of tones produced in the human voice by the vibrations of the vocal folds.   Chest Voice The lower part of the vocal register resonates particularly in the mouth or in a speaking voice. Head Voice The higher part of the vocal register, resonates from the nasal […]

Piano For Singers

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by Joshua, Voice Coach at Sono There are often multiple debates surrounding the relationship between piano and singing. The central, most discussed argument is ‘do singers needs to learn piano as well?’. There is a general consensus that ‘yes’, singers do indeed need to learn the piano. But to what level? Do they need professional […]


How To Hit That High Note

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Jackie’s Top Tips:  How To Hit That High Note!   Okay so, we’ve all been there. Struggling to hit that high note. Yes, singing in Head Voice can be absolutely terrifying. The squeaking, the breaking and then nothing. Well guess what? It’s all in your head. Literally. Your struggle is mental. Here are some fantastic […]

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Quick Tips for Music Exam Success

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  Exam time is stressful for a lot of people, but it doesn’t need to be. Being relaxed and applying the proper mindset is key to succeeding in your instrumental exams. Many people achieve worse results than expected simply due to poor preparation or nerves on the day of the exam. Everybody wants their hard […]


Everyone Can Sing

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Everyone Can Sing by Katie Green, Vocal Coach at Sono School Of Music Can everyone sing, or do you have to be born with a singing gift? This is a common question for many people. The truth is, everyone can sing! But not only this, everyone needs to sing! It is of great importance in humanity! When […]

different types of piano through the ages

A Brief History Of The Piano

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A Brief History of the Piano by Kailan O’Dell, Piano Coach at Sono School Of Music If you are like many piano players, you might not have given too much thought to the evolution of the piano itself.  The piano is a magical instrument, capable of beautiful colour and expression in a wide variety of styles. […]

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Effective Singing Practice For Beginners

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Tips On Singing Practice For Beginners  by Katie Green, Sono School Of Music To become a better singer and advance in vocal ability, it is important to practice CONSISTENTLY and EFFECTIVELY, especially in the early stages of singing because your vocal muscles and voice are still developing.  Many beginners are not sure how to approach their […]

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How To Overcome Performance Nerves

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How To Overcome Performance Nerves by Kailan O’Dell, piano teacher at Sono School Of Music   Dealing with nerves before a lesson or performance. Do you have a feeling of anxiety before your lessons, or suffer from stage fright before a concert or performance? Don’t worry, that just means you’re human. “Nerves” are probably the […]