Singing Showcase

Register to perform at the Sono Music Winter 2024 Singing Showcase. EVENT DETAILS When: Sunday May 26th from 9:30amWhere: Voices of Birralee, 57 Carwoola St BARDON IMPORTANT INFORMATION Program and Tickets SESSION LIST HERE TBA TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE TBA

Piano Recital

Learn piano under expert guidance. Play on top quality pianos in a professional studio environment.

If you are performing at our upcoming Piano Recital, please refer to the programme to find your session time: PIANO RECITAL PROGRAMME MARCH 2024 Once you know your session, you can purchase your tickets HERE

Piano Recital Registration

Register to perform at the Sono Music Autumn 2024 Piano Recital. When: Sunday March 17th from 10am Where: Voices of Birralee, 57 Carwoola St BARDON IMPORTANT INFORMATION The event is only open to current clients of Sono Music who are … Read more

Developing Hand Independence For Piano

Hand independence is one of the biggest struggles that comes with learning piano. As the right hand and left hand are doing pretty much the same thing; pressing keys down, no matter what the rhythm or notes are, it is … Read more

Why Your Child WIll Benefit From Music Lessons

piano lessons for children

As a parent you may have heard the claim that playing an instrument makes your child smarter, but why is that? What tangible benefits does playing music have on a child’s development? Let’s go over some of the numerous benefits … Read more

How To Hit That High Note


How To Hit That High Note!   Okay so, we’ve all been there. Struggling to hit that high note. Yes, singing in Head Voice can be absolutely terrifying. The squeaking, the breaking and then nothing. Well guess what? It’s all … Read more

Performance Anxiety

Young female vocalist performs with her guitar.

Performance Anxiety Preparing yourself for the Sono School of Music Concert! With the Sono School of Music Concert coming up in December, I am writing this article to shed some light on the topic of performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is … Read more

Effective Singing Practice For Beginners

Develop your singing voice the right way with expect coaching.

Tips On Singing Practice For Beginners To become a better singer and advance in vocal ability, it is important to practice CONSISTENTLY and EFFECTIVELY, especially in the early stages of singing because your vocal muscles and voice are still developing. … Read more

10 Drummers To Check Out

By Jasper, Drumming Coach at Sono School of Music The evolution of the modern drum kit and the musical vocabulary of the people who play it has been a continuing process since the beginning of the 20th century. It’s so … Read more

Benefits of Singing In A Choir

Sono Music choir perform onstage.

Benefits of Singing In A Choir The rush of excitement you get when you hear everyone come together in harmony, the high you feel after you’ve left rehearsal or the sense of belonging you feel when you are at rehearsal … Read more

Vocal Care For Singers

Female vocalist stops singing to care for her voice.

Vocal Care For Singers by Katie Green, Sono School Of Music Those new to singing lessons may not realise how important it is to take care of your voice so that it is able to function at its optimum.  As … Read more

Vocal Techniques For Singing Rock

Male rock vocalist sings on stage

Rock Singing Techniques Let There Be Rock Singers! Here’s how to nail that rock sound you’ve been after. Learning rock singing techniques is a fun challenge. It takes a lot of practice and performing to cultivate. If you want a … Read more

Setting Up The Drum Kit – Part One

Drum kit

Setting Up The Drum Kit – Part One If you’re trying to play something and it feels more difficult than it should be, it could be the way your drum kit is set up. In this video, Jasper walks you … Read more

Different Genres and Styles of Drumming

Different Genres and Styles of Drumming

Different Genres and Styles of Drumming Communication is one of the most essential things we do in everyday life to send or receive information, messages, and signals from each other. Music is a special form of communication. We can communicate … Read more