Singing Lessons Brisbane

Develop your voice to its full potential with the support and guidance of our dedicated vocal coaches.

We have purpose built vocal studios located across greater Brisbane: Indooroopilly, Kedron-Wavell, and Springfield.


Why Choose Sono?

Our experienced singing teachers understand that your voice is a very personal thing and provide support and encouragement accordingly.

At Sono you can expect well developed, personalised singing lessons that are designed to help you achieve your goals.

Some reasons people choose us are:

  • Our focus on teaching you the tools and techniques you need to get the best from your voice with a personalised vocal program
  • Performance opportunities for vocalists at our perfromance showcase events
  • We hold regular vocal workshops to provide added opportunity and supplement private singing lesson programs. See our event calendar.
  • Our singing teachers are collectively experienced in teaching a wide range of styles - Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, Jazz and Classical. Select a teacher with a specialisation in your area of interest.
  • Fun and Supportive Environment.
  • Our singing teachers constantly refresh and upgrade their skills so they remain up to date with global teaching practices. In fact, continued professional development is a requirement of their position at Sono Music.
  • Purpose built studio facilities
Develop your singing voice the right way with expert coaching.
"Unlock your vocal potential with Sono"

Singing is a lot about confidence.  At Sono, we encourage our clients to be comfortable and confident with their voice.  Whether you are a young starter who wants to have lessons or an adult looking to improve your singing, our expert staff will make you feel comfortable and teach you the tools and techniques you need to get the best from your voice.  When you come in for lessons expect well developed, quality voice lessons that are designed to help you achieve your singing goals.  Our teachers constantly refresh and upgrade their skills so they remain up to date with teaching practices around the world.  All of this is conducted in a fun and supportive environment with plenty of opportunities and encouragement.  Develop your singing skills with experienced, encouraging teachers. Each week your voice coach will conduct your lessons from our purpose built studio facilities located in Brisbane's inner western suburbs, Brisbane north, and Springfield, Ipswich.

voice lessons brisbane
"Develop your singing voice the right way with our expert coaching"

Singing Lesson FAQs

What length of lesson is best?

We offer lessons in weekly or twice-weekly 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.  While 30 minute sessions are the industry norm for many instrumental lessons, singing lessons are typically longer to allow for vocal warm up exercises at the commencement of the lesson. For the majority of people, we recommend 45 minute instrumental lessons.

For singing lessons, 45 minute lessons are recommended if you know you can arrive for your lesson with your voice warmed up ready to go.  If you would like your voice coach to help you warm up, or you know you won't have time to warm up yourself before your lesson, you may like to consider 60 minute sessions.  For younger children, 30 minutes is sufficient where fatigue is a consideration.

At Sono School Of Music, we will work to develop a lesson program that will optimise your results.

Should I learn another instrument?

It is highly recommended that vocalists develop rudimentary piano skills to assist them with their musicianship and vocal training.


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