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At Sono School of Music, we want you to get the most our of your lesson time. We endeavour to personalise your lesson as much as possible, enabling you to learn your preferred style, be it classical, jazz, folk or popular music and more.

No matter where you are in your journey, we are there for you every step of the way. Whether you are picking up a violin for the first time or refining your existing skills, our aim is for all our clients to gain maximum improvement from their violin lessons.  Your weekly lessons will be designed to be engaging and tailored to you and to your playing goals.

Perhaps you are a parent seeking violin lessons for your child. We believe encouraging and nurturing a love of music is the key to improving your child's skills. We provide the tools, techniques and knowledge to help them grow as a violinist, and support them to build their musicianship over the long term.

Our violin teachers are professionals who strive to create a fun and supportive environment. We support you to feel at ease, confident and able to achieve your goals. 

Start playing the violin as you've always imagined. Get connected with experienced, encouraging violin teachers –  request a free lesson now!


Lesson Format

Performer playing a violin.
"We put you on the fast track to learn violin in your preferred style."

We offer violin lessons on a weekly or twice-weekly basis with the following appointment options:

  • 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.
  • 15 minutes (for children aged 5 - 6 years only).

During these sessions, we make sure your violin lessons will be designed to be directly relevant to your playing goals. Your enjoyment is our top priority. We know this is key a better relationship with your violin and better results!


Violin Styles

We offer violin lessons in all styles, including:

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Folk/Celtic
  • Popular
  • And more!


Program & Examination Tutoring

If you wish to study an AMEB program, then our friendly teachers are qualified to support you as you ready yourself for exams. Our teachers will give you the strategies you will need to give you the best chance to achieve outstanding results. We also provide coaching for other syllabi, including Trinity College London, ANZCA and QLD Senior Music and Music Extension.


Violin Lesson FAQs

What length of lesson is best?

You may find that the improvement that comes from formal, one-on-one lessons is a product of consistent and continuous interaction with you teacher/coach/mentor, and less to do with the musical knowledge that you pick up along the way.

Acknowledging this, a weekly 60 minute lesson will be less conducive to ongoing improvement than 2 x 30 minute lessons spread across the week. Likewise, a weekly 60 minute lesson is unlikely to produce better results than a weekly 45 minute lesson will.  Whether that extra 15 minutes will be of any real benefit to you is questionable, therefore 60 minute private lessons are generally only recommended in special cases. We recommend 45 minute lessons to most clients. For younger children, a 30 minute lesson is sufficient where mental fatigue may be a factor.

Generally our clients find twice-weekly 30 or 45 minute lessons will help optimise results.


We respect your reasons for playing violin. You don't need to take exams if you don't want to!
We respect your reasons for playing the violin. You don't need to take exams if you don't want to! But if you want to, that's great too!

Do I need to take exams?

You do not need to take exams if you do not want to! As we strive to provide a highly tailored service, we take into account your own reasons for playing the violin, and we respect them. Everyone's goals and musical preferences differ, so in some cases, this means choosing a syllabus to study...but it's not for everyone. It is entirely up to you.


Interested In Violin Lessons?

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