Everyone Can Sing

Everyone Can Sing

by Katie Green, Vocal Coach at Sono School Of Music

Can everyone sing, or do you have to be born with a singing gift?

This is a common question for many people. The truth is, everyone can sing! But not only this, everyone needs to sing! It is of great importance in humanity!

When you ask someone if they sing, they’ll usually either answer with “Yes, I love to sing” or they’ll respond with “No, I can’t sing” (which may sometimes even be followed with a sarcastic laugh). They know it is possible but they standardise themselves and use this answer as an exaggeration. Some may say they have the worst singing voice in the world, but what they don’t understand is that they have a singing voice. Just because it’s the worst voice in the world doesn’t mean you can’t sing, it just means your voice needs improvement.

The real reason people dismiss singing…

There are two kinds of people – people who can sing and people who can sing… What?
You see, there are many people who can sing and choose to embrace singing in their lives and benefit from it. Then there are many people who can sing and would benefit from singing but may be afraid and reject it for different reasons. Some may believe the myth of natural talent, and that their voice cannot improve. Some may have been told when they were young to quieten down because they simply couldn’t sing properly (don’t let that stop you!). Some may feel they don’t have enough courage (everyone gets nervous!). There are also others that think they’re too old to learn (never!). Then there are those who think it’s a gift you have to be born with. So wrong! It is never too late to learn to sing!

Many people are afraid because singing is something very personal. Unlike playing instruments, your body is your sound, your instrument. Everything that has to do with singing comes from you – your soul, your mind and your ideas and creativity – and this intimidates a lot of people, making them feel insecure and uncomfortable about expressing themselves in such a way. However at the same time, being able to use your body as your instrument is a gift itself among humanity, and everyone can do it.

Something to Remember

Singing doesn’t have to be competitive, it can be done in the most discreet circumstances like in the car or in the shower. As long as you have patience and you are prepared to work hard, practice and dedicate yourself to your singing, then you can expect to see encouraging and very positive results as you develop into the great singer you have the potential to be.