Full body shot of a female vocalist stands on a stage ready to sing.

Your Body is Your Instrument

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Your Body is Your Instrument: 7 ways to use your body more in singing.      THE SOFT PALATE Does your higher register sound too airy? Even when you’re really engaging your belly muscles? The reason why is…your placement is off. When notes are really high, they get their strong resonant quality from the soft […]

Female pop music artist wearing a pink wig and bright clothes sings.

How To Sing Pop

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How To Sing Pop There’s no denying that pop music brought us the greats; Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson to our beloved Spice Girls and who could forget our royal pop princess Britney. How do they do it? Firstly, there is definitely some intense cardio involved for all that crazy dancing, which we can’t give […]

Male drummer performs essential rudiments on his drum kit.

3 Essential Rudiments for Drummers

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3 Essential Rudiments for Drummers Check out this video for 3 essential rudiments you need to incorporate into your warm up routine.    It is so important for drummers to warm up their wrists and fingers up before a day of drumming. We call these warm ups “rudiments”.  A rudiment is a drummer’s bread and […]

Get a Grip! Matched Grip Under The Microscope

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Get a Grip! Matched Grip Under The Microscope It is imperative that all drummers have a solid understanding of basic drum stick techniques and principles, so let’s take a closer look at matched grip and what it means for drummers.   First things first… Improper grip technique can lead to pain, muscle tension and of […]

Rock drummer sits down to play rock grooves on his drum kit.

Introduction to Rock Grooves

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Introduction to Rock Grooves – crotchet and quaver based rock grooves. Rock grooves are a great way to get started drumming rock. Liam walks you through some entry level crotchet (quarter note) and quaver (eighth note) rock groves. Don’t forget to count along! Want more tips on drumming? Check out these tips to increase your […]

Female vocalist sings in front of a crowd at a music festival with average posture.

Singing Posture and Balance

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Singing Posture and Balance As vocalists, we spend a lot of time in the practice room, finely tuning the various skills and techniques of singing. Studies show musicians tend to measure their worth through the success of performances, the arena where all the hard works pays off! As a coach, one specific technique that I […]

Female vocalist sings with band.

Looking After Your Voice

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Looking After Your Voice Jackie gives you some tips on how to keep your voice in shape. So you’re a fully trained singer, you know how to warm up your voice before rehearsal or a show and how to belt out those high notes. Although what about when it comes to the not-so-loud moments? After […]

Jazz singer scatting

Jazz Improvisation For Singers

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Jazz Improvisation For Singers Jazz improvisation is a defining aspect of the jazz genre. It gives us the opportunity to showcase our abilities and really impress our listeners. For singers, the improvisation that we do is called scatting. A good scat consists of a range of different nonsense syllables (e.g. Doo, Ba, Dee, Bup, Zoo, […]

Lead female vocalist belting a high note

A Guide to Belting

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A Guide to Belting So before we talk about how to belt, we are going to do the how to not ever, ever, ever belt. Seriously, I have seen it so many times, people pushing out notes that their vocal chords aren’t used to; straining, cracking, breaking. It’s horrible – beyond horrible – and I […]

Young female vocalist performs with her guitar.

Performance Anxiety

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Performance Anxiety Preparing yourself for the Sono School of Music Concert! With the Sono School of Music Concert coming up in December, I am writing this article to shed some light on the topic of performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is something that I have been personally affected by in the past, and is now something […]

A score lays on piano keys.

Film Music

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Film Music Everybody loves listening to their favourite bands or artists, or going to concerts and sharing their favourite songs with friends. But music can also have some more subtle, practical uses, especially in the world of film and TV. Early Film Music Since the beginning of film, music has played an integral part of […]


A Guide to Music Streaming

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A Guide to Music Streaming Technology is rapidly advancing. Now, more than ever, we have a wealth of musical gadgets and services. No longer do you have to listen to the same CDs or sit through the same Top 40s hits the radio stations play week after week. Music is something to be discovered and […]