Using Your Chest Voice

Struggling down low?  In this week’s VLOG, Jackie shows you a couple a quick tips on how to use your CHEST VOICE and get that tone down low!

Glossary Of Vocal Terminology

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Glossary Of Vocal Terminology   Register  A range of tones produced in the human voice by the vibrations of the vocal folds.   Chest Voice The lower part of the vocal register resonates particularly in the mouth or in a … Read more

Piano For Singers

by Joshua, Voice Coach at Sono There are often multiple debates surrounding the relationship between piano and singing. The central, most discussed argument is ‘do singers needs to learn piano as well?’. There is a general consensus that ‘yes’, singers … Read more

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Piano Lessons?

Taking piano lessons is an obvious way of improving your skill level on the piano.  However, you may not be getting as much out of your piano lessons as you possibly could be.  There are some simple things you can … Read more

Why You Will Benefit From Regular Piano Lessons

Why You Should Have Regular Piano Lessons At Sono, we recommend that lessons should be attended on a weekly or twice weekly basis in order to get the most out of them. We do not do “casual” lessons as they … Read more

Everyone Can Sing


Everyone Can Sing by Katie Green, Vocal Coach at Sono School Of Music Can everyone sing, or do you have to be born with a singing gift? This is a common question for many people. The truth is, everyone can sing! But … Read more

A Brief History Of The Piano

different types of piano through the ages

A Brief History of the Piano by Kailan O’Dell, Piano Coach at Sono School Of Music If you are like many piano players, you might not have given too much thought to the evolution of the piano itself.  The piano is … Read more

How To Overcome Performance Nerves

Do you get nervous before and during a performance?

How To Overcome Performance Nerves by Kailan O’Dell, piano teacher at Sono School Of Music   Dealing with nerves before a lesson or performance. Do you have a feeling of anxiety before your lessons, or suffer from stage fright before … Read more

You Are Never Too Old To Learn Piano

Am I Too Old To Learn Piano?

You Are Never Too Old To Learn Piano! by Kailan O’Dell, Sono School of Music   “Am I too old to learn piano?”  We have found this to be a common question among many adults wishing to take their first steps … Read more

Electronic Drum Kits vs Acoustic Drum Kits

Electronic Drum Kit By Roland

Electronic Drum Kits vs Acoustic Drum Kits What Should I Be Hitting? by Ben Shannon, Sono School Of Music I’ve had many students ask me if they should purchase an electronic or acoustic drum kit.  The answer to this question isn’t … Read more

Acoustic Piano Vs Digital Piano. Which should I buy?

piano lessons for beginners and adults

Acoustic Piano Vs Digital Piano.  Which should I buy?  By Kailan O’Dell, Sono School Of Music This is a topic that has seen frequent debate, and this article will help you make an informed decision as to which type of piano … Read more

Essential Microphone Technique

microphone technique for singing

Essential Microphone Technique By Katie Green, Sono School Of Music Microphones accomplish much more than amplifying sound to an audience.  They colour a source of sound that is produced, which is determined by the way a singer uses the microphone.  The … Read more