A Guide to Belting

Lead female vocalist belting a high note

A Guide to Belting Before we talk about how to belt, we are going to do the how to not ever, ever, ever belt. Seriously, I have seen it so many times, people pushing out notes that their vocal chords … Read more

Singing Mythbusters! Fact or Fiction

Lead male vocalist

Singing Mythbusters! Fact or Fiction   Only Opera Singers Need to Breathe from Their Diaphragm Fiction. Humans are lazy, we can’t even be bothered taking a proper deep breath. Using the diaphragm in our singing is essential! It ensures that … Read more

Film Music

A score lays on piano keys.

Film Music Everybody loves listening to their favourite bands or artists, or going to concerts and sharing their favourite songs with friends. But music can also have some more subtle, practical uses, especially in the world of film and TV. … Read more

A Guide to Music Streaming


A Guide to Music Streaming Technology is rapidly advancing. Now, more than ever, we have a wealth of musical gadgets and services. No longer do you have to listen to the same CDs or sit through the same Top 40s … Read more

How to Be Pitch Perfect

How to Be Pitch Perfect So you’ve been avoiding your friend’s karaoke nights ever since you were old enough to go to out. SingStar is your enemy and you dread campfire singalongs because you’re absolutely tone-deaf. Not anymore… It’s very … Read more

Warming up Your Voice

Warming up Your Voice Taking time to engage, prepare and ‘switch on’ your voice is vital. Warming up your voice properly helps your voice during lessons, practices and performances. It can even increase your vocal stamina and energy, and it … Read more

Singing in a Choir

Vocal ensemble sing choir song together.

Singing in a Choir So your solo singing skills are great! You have solid confidence, you get lessons from a skilled coach to improve your technique and you practise efficiently. This is super impressive, so well done! BUT… Have you … Read more

Learning to Sing a Song

Learning to Sing a Song It’s honestly crazy how many songs exist. And there are more being created every day. The choices that singers have when choosing their repertoire is virtually limitless. There will always be something to suit your … Read more

Top Tips: Kill Those Nerves

Male rock vocalist belts out a note with his guitar in hand.

Top Tips: Kill Those Nerves So your hands are trembling, your palms are sweaty, your voice breaks. That’s it, it’s all over. NO!!! Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. If you just watched this year’s latest Super Bowl Halftime … Read more

Why You Need a Voice Coach

Male vocalist is encouraged by his vocal coach during a performance.

Why You Need a Voice Coach A lot of young (and older) people who have a genuine interest in singing will take many different steps to fulfill their desires and reach their goals. The two most common and practical methods … Read more

How to Master Breathing Technique

Female singer practices her breathing technique.

How to Master Breathing Technique As a singer, you may hear plenty of discussions about technique.  Quite often these can be confusing. There are so many things to think about. It can sometimes feel like there is never enough time … Read more

Rehearsing Resonance

In this week’s VLOG, Jess discusses the all important topic of RESONANCE, and in particular, “forward nasal resonance.” Jess shares with you some tips on how to engage resonance and achieve clear and beautiful tone.

Using Your Chest Voice

Struggling down low?  In this week’s VLOG, Jackie shows you a couple a quick tips on how to use your CHEST VOICE and get that tone down low!

Glossary Of Vocal Terminology

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Glossary Of Vocal Terminology   Register  A range of tones produced in the human voice by the vibrations of the vocal folds.   Chest Voice The lower part of the vocal register resonates particularly in the mouth or in a … Read more

Piano For Singers

by Joshua, Voice Coach at Sono There are often multiple debates surrounding the relationship between piano and singing. The central, most discussed argument is ‘do singers needs to learn piano as well?’. There is a general consensus that ‘yes’, singers … Read more